About the Artist

Born in North Carolina. Raised in a small town. Nutured in a small family on dirt roads, tobacco farms, creeks, pastures, public schools, pines and long solitary walks in the woods. It wasn't really solitary, there's a lot to keep you company in the landscape of woods and pastures, as well as in the studio.

Inspired by teachers and instructors who recognized my curiosity, my observation skills, my eye and my talents. Mostly inspired by the endless beauty and expression and the tyranny of nature.

Relocated to Washington, D.C. in my twenties. Feel in love with the vitality of the urban landscape. Followed my passion, creative atributes and love of art by attending the Corcoran School of Art, Montgomery College in Takoma Park and the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore.

My work pays homage to Rembrandt, Whistler, Turner and Hopper. My intention is to represent how light or the lack of light influences your visual preception of a moment in a landscape. These moments can be transendant, contemplative and emotional. My work speaks for itself.


"If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint." Edward Hopper.